A few words about us

thousands of miracles

The planet we live on contains thousands of miracles for our skin.

When the first seeds of Boco were planted, our goal was to offer you the purest form of miraculous ingredients offered by nature, in the safest way.

Developing handmade products, that is “safe handmade production” with a scientific approach, which we have defended since the first day, has become our passion and our main goal.

Because we want everyone to have access to "safe handmade" products that have undergone quality control processes with a team of experts in their fields.

The pure raw material source we use while designing our products is the most valuable point where we differentiate.

We blend our experience with the desire to find the purest ingredient that is sustainable and chemical-free, and we bring you the ingredients we obtain from nature in their pure form, in which we preserve the essence.

Boco has been producing handmade products with this thought and passion since the first day, without harming human nature, with an approach that includes the "Holistic Beauty" healthy body, mind and soul trio.

We respect and share our love for all living things with our vegan, non-animal and nature-friendly products.

We take what we give to nature, with this perspective, we develop our products by using biodegradable packaging and raw materials obtained from sustainable agriculture in order to reduce our waste to zero and reduce our carbon footprints.🍃🌍

With our vegan and nature-friendly products, we respect all living things and share our love.

Without changing our perspective, we will continue to develop and develop together with you by revealing whatever effort, consciousness and ethics are in the same way!